Trish Leto

Trish Leto is a U.S Navy Veteran and mother of two with almost 20 years mortgage experience. She grew up in the Hudson Valley of New York as the youngest of 4 kids. When she asked her father for ice cream money, he’d tell her to pull some weeds because money doesn’t grow on trees. That work ethic and money mentality has taken Trish through many obstacles in life. She was laid off during the market crash of 2007 and unemployed for 7 months. She lost her house and most of her belongings to foreclosure and bankruptcy. During that time, she promised herself she would always stay educated to stay afloat, learning new skills as needed. She had a failed network marketing business in 2016 that left her with fire in her eyes to understand the marketing world. She took courses and implemented the knowledge. Now, she’s busting through the battlefield of digital marketing millennials and quickly becoming known as the Expert in FacebookTM Lives and livestream video marketing. She’s helped dozens of business professionals increase revenue through live video, with clients ranging from website designers to SEO experts and even loan officers. She’s quickly become a sought-after expert speaker for live video. She’s been featured in numerous online magazines and summits and has recently become the social media marketing monthly contributor for Vetpreneur Tribe Magazine. In 2017, she interviewed over 100 industry experts via FacebookTM Live, which she turned into her own podcast on called The Expert Connection With Trish Leto, available on iTunesTM and Google PlayTM. Her mission for 2018 and on: To shake up the industry and leave behind no excuses. If she can do this, so can everyone else.